Friday, December 08, 2006

Who's Got a Question?

Yesterday's post got me thinking about you guys, the lovely readers and the questions you may have. So, I'm going to leave this post up for a few days & ask you…

Are there any questions I can answer for you? They can be about trademarks, copyrights, patents or starting a business.

If so, please comment & I'll make a post about it. If you'd like your web site listed with the post, be sure to include it.

Or if you prefer to remain anonymous, please email me. I'll then post about it but take out any personal details.

You can also chat with me live here - scroll down and click the Chat Online button.

I'm looking forward to reading your questions!


Scott Allen said...

Great idea -- thanks for opening this up for questions. I have one...

How can you go about protesting a first use claim if you're not the one making the claim of prior use, but you simply have material knowledge of it (heck, so does Google) and don't want to see a generic word hijacked as a mark?

Last August, it seems that filed a trademark on the word "webinar" claiming first use in commerce June 6, 2000.

Now I know for a fact that the word was used in commerce before that, because my company was using it, and we borrowed the term from WebEx. I did some searching on Google (webinar + 1999) and quickly found several more examples, including a couple from my employer at the time.

I hate to see generic words hijacked like this (familiar with Entrepreneur Media?). What can be done about this?

Shannon, TradeMark Express said...

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to let you know that I did get your question & will write up a post about it ASAP. It's been a little nutty around here the last 2 weeks and time seems to be slipping through my fingers. But you're my first priority as soon as I get back to blogging. Thanks for your question & for checking out my blog! :)