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Exciting Changes at TradeMark Express

There have been a number of changes at TradeMark Express lately that I wanted to take this opportunity to detail them here for our blog readers.First, we dropped our fees $50 on August 14th from $600 to $550. This is our first price reduction in 15 years! I want to reassure our clients & potential clients that a price drop does not mean a drop in services by any means. Our clients are getting the same great service they've been getting since 1992 – comprehensive research, analysis, referral to a trademark attorney and preparation & submission of their Federal trademark application. We were able to justify and absorb that price drop by streamlining some of our internal processes so who better to pass that on to than our clients!Second, we implemented a payment plan program. TradeMark Express® understands the many expenses new business owners face; we also know how necessary comprehensive research and analysis is prior to filing. To help …
What is a Trademark Conflict?
What is a Trademark Similarity?
Comprehensive trademark research consists of several layers:
Researching comprehensive databases, such as Lexis-Nexis or Dialog Looking for similarities, such as synonyms, word placement & spelling variations Consultation with a trademark attorney if Conflicts or Strong Similarities ariseThe hardest matter to determine is what's going to be a potential problem for you and what isn't. Once that is ascertained, further research into the company or companies is needed.First, let's discuss the difference between conflicts and strong similarities.What is a Conflict?Determining a conflict is very simple - it's any mark that is EXACTLY like yours. If the name AND the goods/services are EXACTLY the same, then it's a Conflict.What is a Strong Similarity?These are harder to determine and require analysis. A Strong Similarity is a name that is similar enough in Sound, Appearance or Meaning…
USPTO Putting on an Expo

"The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will host a showcase for trademarks at its Alexandria, Virginia headquarters April 10-12, 2008. The three day event is designed to engage the public’s interest and educate consumers about the vital role trademarks play in the global economy. Any company with a registered trademark may apply to exhibit. The deadline for applications is December 15, 2007."

Want to sign up to be considered? Click here

Read more about the expo here

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We'll Be Back Soon

Work has been very busy as of late so unfortunately, our blog's one of the first things to be shoved to the back burner. But we will be back soon!