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Nominate Your Favorite Charity for a Free Branding Makeover!

TradeMark Express is so proud to be one of the sponsors of this amazing offer. Here are the details:

The word is out! From now until May 31st, Tungsten Branding will be receiving nominations for a complete branding makeover for America’s most deserving charity. To qualify, it must be a 501c corporation with a compelling mission that benefits the most people possible. The bright minds here at Tungsten will sort through the nominations and then put them up for a final vote in May. Voting will then run from June 1st through June 15th with the winner receiving a complete brand makeover. What does that include?…Name developmentTag line creationMatching, or closely matching, domain nameCorporate logo designFive page web design packageTotal value of this package is typically $7,500 to $20,000. To nominate your favorite charity for a rebranding make…
Need a trademark pronto? Check out Urgent Trademark's unique services:
Want not to worry about your trademarks for an entire decade? Check out Decade Trademark. Detail of ServicesComprehensive US Federal & State Trademark Research & Analysis; Comprehensive US National Common-Law Research & Analysis. Up to 3 Names, Slogans or Logos Researched, to reach one clear name.Competitive Checks into any Conflicts or Similarities found in the research AND in monthly monitoring.Trademark Attorney to discuss any Conflicts or Similarities. One of our 3 attorneys will help you decide if you should move forward with your trademark or not.Trademark Application Preparation & Submission. State or Federal.Trademark & Common Law Monitoring for 120 months, in 6 month increments. We report to you every month.Trademark Sections 8 & 15 Preparation & Submission – Done between the 5th and 6th year.Trademark Sections 8 & 9 Preparation & Submission – Done between the 9th and 10th year.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope all of you out there have a fun AND safe St. Patrick's Day! Let's take a look at some St. Patrick themed trademarks:

Here's a film production company named Saint Patrick, which, quite appropriately is located in Ireland. Check out their fun site here.

Killian's Red is the O'fficial Beer of St. Patrick's Day, at least according to MillerCoors trademark.

Need something to go with that beer? Try Saint Paddy's Cooked Corn Strips.