Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trademark International Class: Class 36 (Insurance and Financial Services)

All goods or services are categorized within International Classes (IC hereafter). Goods run from classes IC 1-34, while Services are in IC 35-45. Please see a complete chart here. Let's take a closer look at one of these trademark classes – class 36.

What is International Class 36 All About?

Each class has a short title heading that gives a snapshot of what that class is all about -- IC 36's short title is insurance and financial services. The USPTO has 724 accepted descriptions that fit into IC 36; check them out here.

Almost anything you can think of that’s in the insurance or financial fields is going to be in IC 36. This is going to include services like investing, appraising, banking or credit unions and real estate services that delve into finance (brokerage, listing, escrow, management).

What's New for International Class 36?

The classification guide is constantly being updated with new goods or services. As the marketplace changes, the trademark office must adapt. Here are some of the 2009 listings for international class 36, good plus date added to the guide:

• Charitable fund raising services by means of a golf event 6 Aug 09

• Electronic financial trading services 10 Sep 09

• Financial services, namely, raising debt and equity capital for others 17 Sep 09

• Providing a website featuring non-downloadable videos in the field of financial planning 26 Mar 09

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