Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And Just What Does That Mean? Part One

Picking up from yesterday's post, I thought it'd be a good idea to devote some time explaining the different status descriptions for Federal trademark applications.

Any & all definitions can be found
here but I thought it'd be nice for our readers to take it a step further and put these explanations in easy to understand language. The material in quotes is straight from the USPTO's mouth while the text underneath is straight from mine.

* Assigned to Examiner:

"a USPTO employee who examines (reviews and determines compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of) an application for registration of a federally registered trademark"

The first step of the filing process is your application being assigned to an examining attorney at the USPTO. This is not an attorney that will litigate for you or will consult with you about infringements. This is an employee of the USPTO who you will correspond with directly about your application.

* Non-Final Action (E-)Mailed:

"an Office action letter that raises new issues and usually is the first phase of the examination process. An examining attorney will issue a non-final Office action after reviewing the application for the first time. If a new issue arises after the applicant responds to the first non-final Office action, the examining attorney will issue another non-final Office action that sets forth the new issue(s) and continues any that remain outstanding. Applicants must respond to non-final Office action letters within 6 months from the date they are issued to avoid abandonment of the application."

Once your application has been assigned to an examining attorney, the first step is for the examiner to review the application & should there be any issues with the application, an Office Action will be sent to the applicant. Since most folks now list an email address, your inbox is the place to look for it.

Segue: Once your application is filed, add the USPTO to your address book so as to avoid any messages getting trashed -- is the email address you'll get your notice of filing from and then messages after that will be specific to your examiner's law office, so to be safe, accept any messages coming from

More definitions next week...

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