Friday, May 02, 2008

TradeMark Express Value Package

We've added a new option when it comes to getting your trademark. TradeMark Express will search your mark in the pending & registered Federal and State trademark files AND in the US National Common-Law files. Based on your approval, we will then prepare AND file your US Federal trademark application - all for one fee of $399. Order this package today!


US Federal & State trademark research - TradeMark Express will search the pending AND registered Federal AND State trademark files in accordance with the USPTO's policy, namely looking for similarities in Sound, Appearance or Meaning. This involves searching synonyms, spelling variations, word placement, etc.

US National Common-Law research - TradeMark Express will search for commercial availability of the mark in numerous files. Businesses have "first use" or Common-Law rights to their trade names in whatever geographic trade area they serve. The US National Common-Law research will help you to determine if you face any trade restrictions.

Once both searches are completed, the entire report will be emailed to you. At this point, you'll need to read through the entire report to look for any conflicts or similarities.

Should any conflicts or similarities arise, you will need to discuss them with a trademark attorney.
To upgrade this package, simply contact any of our offices and for an additional $101, TradeMark Express will analyze both searches and you'll be provided with a trademark attorney (nominal fee for West Coast attorney) to discuss the results.

TradeMark Express will also email you our Worksheet with the above research. Once you're ready for us to prepare & submit your Federal trademark application, complete the worksheet and send to our Arcata office. Once received, we will then prepare and submit your Federal trademark application.

The USPTO charges a fee of $325 per class, which is separate from TradeMark Express' fees.

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