Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Starting a Business in California

When starting a business in California, start your research at these two sites:

California Business Portal & The Secretary of State's Starting a Business page.

On the SOS' page, you'll see the Secretary of State details 5 recommended steps:

1) Write a business plan

Here are a couple of posts I've devoted to this subject -
Business Plans: A Quick Guide and Piecing Together the Business Plan.

The Small Business Administration has a
handy page about writing a business plan.

2) Deciding on a location for your business

If you need assistance, check out the Labor & Workforce Development Agency's
Business Investment Services page.

3) Choose a business structure

Entrepreneur has a great article on this subject,
Choose Your Business Structure.

4) Taxes

here for those documents.

5) License & Permits

Check both of these sites:
CalGOLD and the CA Department of Consumer Affairs.

The Secretary of State also has a listing of business resources - check

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