Friday, June 22, 2007

Logos, USPTO Style

This post inspired me to talk a bit about how the USPTO classifies logos.

The USPTO designates six digit coded numbers for each & every logo that's submitted. And, boy, do they get specific. Let's take a look at some examples:

020315: Women wearing scarves on their heads

This logo is registered to Duncan Sutherland who is using this logo in connection with skin care services & products.

Most logos are going to have more than one coding and this mark is no different: 020322, busts of women in profile; 020324, women depicted in caricature form; and, 261101, rectangles.

040525: Other mythological or legendary animals

This interesting logo is owned by Stone Brewing Co. for clothing. Of course, this logo is also coded for beer steins, 110302.

160108: Telephones

Sam Chiodo owns this logo for concierge services & is also coded with 021107: arms, fingers, hands, etc.; 090312: gloves; 110325: serving trays

By looking at just 3 examples, you can see how detailed the process is when filing for a trademark on your logo.

When having a logo search done, it's absolutely a priority that the correct design codes are searched.

If you've got a logo & are wondering what codes apply to you, let me know,

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