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Trademark International Class: Class 20 (Furniture and articles not otherwise classified)

All goods or services are categorized within International Classes (IC hereafter). Goods run from classes IC 1-34, while Services are in IC 35-45. Please see a complete chart here. Let's take a closer look at one of these trademark classes – class 20.

What is International Class 20 All About?

Each class has a short title heading that gives a snapshot of what that class is all about -- IC 20's short title is furniture and articles not otherwise classified. Well, that's vague. The USPTO has 894 accepted descriptions that fit into IC 20; check them out

Furniture of all sorts (excepting toy furniture) is in IC 20. This includes many of the related accessories for furniture such as shoe racks, curtain rings & rods, mattresses & pillows, etc. Also included is a long list of non-metal objects such as handles, hooks, bolts, latches, hinges, etc. If any of those items are made of metal, that's going to be in IC 6.

What Else is in International Class 20?

Seems like with any of these trademark classes, there always seems to be the oddball item or two and IC 20 is no exception. Here are a few items living in IC 20 that seem a bit weird:

• animal parts such as claws, antlers, horns and teeth

• caskets

• decorative items such as glitter, plastic decoys, mobiles

• foam toe separators for use in pedicures

What's New for International Class 20?

The classification guide is constantly being updated with new goods or services. As the marketplace changes, the trademark office must adapt. Here are some of the 2009 listings for international class 20, good plus date added to the guide:

• Free-standing portable gun racks 14 May 09

• Life-size forms of the human body to display clothes 21 May 09
• Magnetized photo frames 19 Mar 09

• Statues of bone, ivory or plaster 21 May 09

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