Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Recession Trademarks

You can always count on enterprising folks to take those proverbial lemons and turn them into lemonade, even in a recession. And with new enterprises come new trademarks. Check out the newest recession focused trademarks:

The Recession Cookbook

Anna Watson's blog The Recession Cookbook has been around since March 2nd of this year but on May 1st, she filed a trademark for the name for "on-line journals, namely blogs, featuring recipes and cooking tips." Congratulations Anna!

"you might be in a recession if..."

This future line of calendars was filed on April 15th aka Tax Day in the US. I'm betting that the applicant has plans for a more lighthearted, tongue in cheek take on the recession. And there's certainly nothing wrong with having a few laughs, especially when you're down.

The Great Recession

This play on the Great Depression was filed on April 6th for an eventual athletic apparel line.

Kudos to these enterprising folks and my best wishes for success!

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