Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Swine Flu in the Trademark World

The swine flu is still making news around the world. Any hot button topic in the news is, more often than not, quickly followed by trademarks. Check out these H1N1-tinged filings:

On May 27th, this logo was filed for a t-shirt line

Sixteen days earlier, this mark was filed, also for clothing, though I can say right now the USPTO is going to take issue with the wording in the goods description area.

So who gets it? Swine Flu Sucks filed first BUT Swine Flu! has claimed a first use date of May 12th. I'll revisit these marks in a few months once the applications have been reviewed. The decisions made by the USPTO will make for an enlightening post, I think.

Also filed in May were two marks by the health care products company, Novartis for "vaccines for human use." Swinflunov and Swineflunov certainly imply that they're connected, somehow, to the swine flu.

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