Friday, August 18, 2006

Trademark News: Google ® Takes Steps to Avoid Going the Way of Aspirin & Zippers

The mighty search engine, Google ®, is doing what all trademark owners should be doing - monitoring and protecting their trademark.

In all actuality, getting people to stop using the trademark Google ® as a verb is going to be an uphill, never-ending battle. The mark has become so pervasive throughout Internet-speak, pop culture and every day usage. But, Google's ® doing what they have to do – to protect their brand, they have to take these necessary steps to ensure that their mark does not become diluted.

This has happened to trademarks in the past. Recognize any of these?

Aspirin – If only Felix Hoffman had been able to convince Bayer ® to file for a trademark and not just the patent.

Bikini – "Drawings of bikini-like suits have been found on wall paintings dating back to 1600 B.C." Jacques Heim and Louis Reard may have recreated the bikini but they sure didn't protect the name.

Escalator – This to-and-fro device had an incarnation as a ride at Coney Island back in 1895.

Zipper – The first manifestation of the modern day zipper, AKA the 'Clasp Locker' looked almost frightening.

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